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Are you ready to reawaken to how intense ownership can change your life?

"I wrote Reawaken for several reasons. The first is that I no longer wanted the shame of my past abuse to hold my story hostage by continuing to whisper lies about who I was, the value I offer, and the purpose I am here to help fulfill.

Secondly, I want to help others - especially other narcissistic abuse victims - overcome their issues and create a life they love so they can live their audacious dream.  Life is too short to waste it on a job or career that doesn't appreciate the genius you are. Embrace who you are - flaws and all - let go of what you are not, and you will begin to transform into the person you want to be."

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Why Reawaken

In an age of outrage and victimhood, Reawaken invites you to intensely take back ownership of every facet of your life.  You are responsible for how you choose to live your life.  You will not reach your full potential or manifest your unique purpose by remaining a victim.  Regardless of who or what caused your trauma, you are accountable for seeking the healing you need in order to overcome it - even if it takes the rest of your life. Join Shanelle on her journey to discovering the 10 divine patterns of wisdom to help you move from being the victim to the victor by owning every facet of your life. The life you love awaits.

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“I know that many of you are reaching a critical point of frustration and impatience. With Shanelle as your trusted guide, Reawaken will show you how to release what’s old and embrace the relief and joy of the new. To be transformed is to own every facet of your diamond-like life.”

— Monique Justus, Co-Founder & CEO, King & Justus, The Preeminent Creators of Abundant Economies

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Who Should Read Reawaken

Are you struggling to make sense of your issues and the uncertainty running rampant in the world today?  Have you suffered from abuse and/or trauma but don’t know how to get unstuck?   Journey with Shanelle as she shares the divine patterns of wisdom she’s learned from a lifetime of living with and overcoming abuse and trauma to create a life she loves while living her audacious dream.

To take intense ownership of your life, you must reawaken.  You cannot heal from what you will not acknowledge.  You must be willing to do the hard work and put the following ten actions into practice:
◆ Identify What’s Restricting You
◆ Clear the Crap
◆ Own Your Stuff
◆ Create Smart Boundaries
◆ Design a “Chic” Relationship Plan, and Intensely Stick To it
◆ Prioritize the Manifestation of Your Purpose
◆ Visualize a Life You Love
◆ Live Your Audacious Dream
◆ Partner Uncommonly Well
◆ Propel Your Legacy For 100+ Years

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Need Help Reawakening?

Not to worry. Shanelle created a 12-month program at Intense Ownership University to help you do just that. It is designed to dig deep into each of the ten actions and show you how to practically apply them so you can heal from your issues, create a life you love in order to live your audacious dream.


“Read this purpose-driven book in strategic silence if you’re ready to function successfully within and create the life you love. Don’t be surprised when you’re instantly hit with a tsunami-like wave of emotion, burst into tears, and sob through those last major residues of suffering. We wake up in waves — a wonderfully stimulating mix of surprise, deep clearing, and gratitude. I have lived this transformation-through-intense-ownership myself — from dark to light.”

— Rick Justus, Founder & Chairman, King & Justus, The Preeminent Creators of Abundant Economies

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About the Author

Shanelle Roberts is an inventor and award-winning designer turned CEO dedicating her life to solving intense ownership for humanity. She plans to do this by building Smart Chic Labs into the premier design firm in the world. She is creating tools, programs, safe communities, and offers advisory sessions to help her students and clients own every facet of their life so they can live their audacious dream.

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Are you ready to discover how you can own every facet of your life?

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